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Quantum Varma Medicine is based on the use of low doses of pulsed electromagnetic field radiation on Siddha Varma Points for treatment, diagnosis and prevention of various abnormalities. It uses electromagnetic factors, similar to those occurring in nature, which have beneficial effects on cells, organs, systems and the entire organism. Low energies used in quantum varma medicine are absolutely safe - no contraindications, as it works in the same range of waves which radiated by the cell of a living organism.

Water consists of molecules which also carry vibrations. These vibrations unite in an harmonized well structured system, which is a prerequisite for a normally functioning biochemical system. Aging and life challenges may weaken the order and harmony in the vibrational system, which causes problems in the body. Today, science has managed to find the vibrational resonance of water and managed to produce a device that emits these vibrations. By restoring the water structure in the body in a natural way, all biochemical processes are improved and thus considerably increasing the healing power of the body.

Regeneration, using our quantum varma method, activates the cell membranes and can harmonize vibration frequencies of every individual cell leading to unexpected positive results with high efficiency... Our protocols are treading new paths in the category of technical medicine, regeneration, rejuvenation, beauty and wellness. You have new treatment possibilities and protocols at your disposal that are either unique or offer sensible additions to existing therapies.

The healing potential extends to a wide range of medical conditions and provides an alternative for patients who have not responded to conventional therapies. Some of the problems most effectively treated are listed below:

Pain of unknown origin

(i.e. muscle tensions, migraine, chronic headaches)

Spine and bone system

(i.e. chronic bone and joint diseases, fractures, arthrosis, rheumatism, osteoporosis, herniated vertebral disc, scoliosis)

Heart, blood- and circulation system

(i.e. diabetes, disturbed blood flow, hypertension, heart attack, cardiac heart arrhythmia, leukaemia, dizziness, tiredness, fatigue)

ENT, eyes and respiratory organs

(i.e. dizziness, respiratory disease, asthma, bronchitis, lung functions, optic nerve and keratoderma)

Nervous system

(i.e. nervousness, stress, general condition, insomnia, depressions, neuralgia, Autism, Alzheimers, MS, Parkinson, epilepsy)

Gastric, intestinal tract

(i.e. gastritis, ulcers, tumours, increased liver counts, diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome, metabolic disturbances)

Various allergies

(i.e. hay fever, neurodermatitis, allergic rhinitis)

Virus infections

(i.e. susceptibility to infections, herpes, leucosis, facial nerve paresis, hepatitis C, roseola, varicella, influenza)

Other diseases

(i.e. skin disease, energy deficit, oedema, lymphoedema, spasm, wound healing during OP, Rett Syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Leigh syndrome, Dravet Syndrome, Evans syndrome, Stiff-person syndrome, Williams Syndrome, Moebius syndrome)
In Russia, the clinical efficiency of using electromagnetic waves at ultra-low power has been studied using 20,680 patients from 1993-2000 and 2010-2014. During the current period, more than 20,000 patients were treated for various diseases. In these cases - 96.94% showed positive results ranging from complete recovery to great improvement to some improvement. The therapeutic effect failed for only 3.06% of the participants. Based on research, 150 scientific articles have been published and a number of theses have been presented so far. The research area is constantly growing. New scientific teams have joined to contribute to the research and development of medical technology based on the effects of "resonance wave-state" in the aquatic environment. The project, which now runs, relates to the development of medical technologies based on the effects of "resonance wave-state" in the aquatic environment and have been included in the state program "Development of the pharmaceutical and medical industry in the Russian Federation until 2020 and beyond". In Germany, evaluation of treatment success of 4155 patients within the scope of long-term research studies and illness successfully treated, disease healed, normalised: 96% - Berlin, Germany

Physical Stem Cell Technology

Why do people age? Why, as they get older, do people become more frail and ill?
The answer is very simple. The cells of the human body lose substance and strength from cell division to cell division, because the cell division means that from the basic cells, cell-copies are being made and in the next cell division copies of the copied cells are being made, and then this process continues over and over again. Through this copying process the quality and substance of the cells, in comparison to the basic cells, become worse and worse. The biological effect of this process on the human organism is not only aging, but also making it more prone to illness and disease. The Cyrox human regeneration protocol - using quantum varma therapy counteracts exactly this process of ageing and loss with the physical Information of young and healthy (adult) stem cells through vibrational frequencies.
The implicit stem cell information in the regeneration process have to be regularly refreshed in order to keep the organism healthy and young.

Hours of Operation

Mon, Tue and Fri 11:00 AM -4:00 PM
Sat 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
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Quantum Varma Sessions (By Appointment Only)

(without pills, needles, surgery or side effects)

Diabetes, Cancer, Stroke, Depression/Stress, Mental Illness, Parkinson, Epilepsy, Alzheimer's, Autism, Arthritis, Pain, Migraine, Respiratory disease, Allergy, Skin disease, Bone and joint disease, Other acute or chronic diseases/syndromes

Our quantum varma medicine research is funded by Cyrox:
...Regenerate and rejuvenate
...Support the body’s inherent improvement abilities
...Reduces stress and improve mood
...Improve sleep
...Gain energy and vitality
...And more!

--Quantum Varma - 1 Session (70 CAD)

--Quantum Varma Package - 7 Sessions (410 CAD)

--Quantum Varma Package - 12 Sessions (700 CAD)

--Whole Body Regeneration - 1 Session (250 CAD)

--Private Hands-on Quantum Varma Workshop (3000 CAD)

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Cyrox Quantum Varma Medicine Research

--Camilla Joseph, MD (Varma), SCENAR/COSMODIC Therapist and Quantum Varma Medicine Research Practitioner
--Cyrinus Joseph, MD (Varma), SCENAR/COSMODIC Therapist and Quantum Varma Medicine Research Practitioner
--Mentor Olav Skille (Scientist, Professor, Author and Inventor of Vibroacoustic Therapy - Norway/Finland)
--Mentor Dr. Irina Kossovskaia, MD,PhD,DNM (Physician, Scientist, Professor, Author, Psychologist and SCENAR Expert - Russia/Canada)
--Mentor Varma Asan Dr. Giri, MD (Varma),MD (Acu),MD (A.M),PhD (Scientist, Professor, Guro Kyusho and Varmaasan from Tamil Nadu, India)
--Mentor Varma Asan Sri Prem Nath, (Siddha Physician, Scientist, Professor, belongs to an ancient lineage from pre-british era dating around 600 years back in Kerala, India - a siddha family migrated from Pandi Kingdom of Tamil Nadu, Kayakalpa Treatment Expert, Founder & Chief Consultant of 'Deva Vidya' - a new concept to maintain and nurture youthful vigour and vibrant health to sideline senility)
Our team constantly participates in ongoing professional education and research to bring you the latest and most effective safe technologies. As a quantum varma medicine research operations - we do not provide allopathic medical advice of any kind. Our job is to help people use our quantum varma therapy sessions as a complementary remedy in a way that is safe and most likely to be effective. Discover wellness and balance through quantum varma medicine - all without drugs or surgical intervention - no side effects. Our method stimulates your body’s own healing resources.


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